Filing a Small Claims Case in Colorado

Filed Under (Small Claims) on 01-23-2014

How to file small claims, file a small claims suit, small claims forms What to file—Form Guidance

If you have determined your case is suitable for small claims court and you’re within the statute of limitations, it’s time to do the necessary paperwork. The form to be filled out and filed is called “Notice Claim and Summons to Appear for Trial, also known as the “complaint.” (Form # JDF250)

This is a 4 part form, with two copies for the Court and one each for the plaintiff and the defendant. The various pieces of information you will need to complete this form include:

1.    County name and address of the court.

2.    Your name or the name of your business or other entity that has suffered the damage. If there are multiple parties suing, list each by name.

3.    If you are suing as an individual use your residential address. If your business or other group is suing use its office address and phone number. Do not use a post office box number.

4.    If you are suing an individual fill in the individual’s full name. Include any aliases of which you are aware. If you are suing two or more people, list each. If you’re not sure if you should file against the individual or the business, list both.

5.    Even though you can list more than one person or business on the name line, you must have only one address listed. Use the address which corresponds to the venue option that led you to file the action in that county.

6.    Appropriate phone numbers if you know them.

7.    Information regarding a second defendant, if there is one in your case.
8.    The amount you wish to claim from the other party.

9.    The nature of your claim. Let the court and the other party know why you are suing.

There are 16 fields that need to be filled in on this form. The book “Winning Big in Colorado Small Claims Court : How to Sue and Collect” by Charles P. Brackney, Esq. includes a numbered sample of the form and a chapter that provides suggestions and guidance on how to fill it out.