Understanding the 2014 Colorado Real Estate Contracts

Filed Under (Bradford Publishing News & Updates, Real Estate) on 02-20-2014

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We’re excited to announce the recent release of the new electronic book, “Levine’s Bible for 2014 Colorado Real Estate Contracts”! This book is a comprehensive reference book and study guide. Every line item in the Residential Sales Contract is discussed in detail; with historical notes, legal and statutory reference, and comparisons to the other sales contracts to help users fully understand how to complete the form in an actual transaction. The book contains relevant Colorado statutory provisions, rules of the Colorado Real Estate Commission and important court cases affecting and interpreting the CREC Contract.

The author, Kent Levine, wrote this book for professionals who need a clear understanding of the content and background of the Commission’s Contract. Real estate course instructors will have an in-depth guide to the contract all in one place. Real estate brokers will have an easy to use, ready reference when answers are needed in the office, or in the field. Students will find it easy to follow by using the colored legend to distinguish different sources of commentary, and attorneys will benefit from the statutory and regulation references throughout the document that provide sources for further investigation.
Key Features:

1.    Current! This book was released as the 2014 Contract became effective.

2.    Arranged in order of the individual sections of the contract.

3.    Unique color-coded legend on each page.

4.    Useful links to other contracts for reference.

5.    In depth discussion of the implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act.

6.    Pointers for brokers.

7.    Red-flags, tips and warnings.

To become fluent with the Colorado Real Estate Commission forms, check out “Levine’s Bible for 2014 Colorado Real Estate Contracts” by Kent Levine.