Buying a Colorado Mountain Home

Filed Under (Real Estate) on 08-22-2013

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There are some great communities in the mountains but if you are dreaming of buying a mountain retreat, you will want to consider the possible inconveniences and added expenses. Below are some important factors to think about before you buy.

•    Water and Sewer
In many mountain areas in Colorado there is no public water or sewer service. As a result, occupants must have a well and septic tank or find other creative ways to make their property habitable.  A well has a limited life, and creating a new well is difficult and expensive.  Septic systems add expense and require periodic maintenance.

•    Snow
Snow removal and inaccessibility due to snowfall are other concerns you must consider before choosing a mountain property.

•    Schools
If you are planning to make it your full-time home and you have children, school proximity is a potential concern, depending on where you are looking.

•    Water Rights
Another issue with some property in Colorado is water. Because we are in a dry climate and often in drought conditions, our water is a treasured resource. If you are looking at a property that is unimproved, it may not have any water available to it. If there is a community water supply system, the charges for a water tap can be outrageous.  If there is not a water system, you will need to determine if a well is permitted and whether it would provide adequate water supply.

•    Forest Fires
Colorado has seen an increase in deadly and destructive forest fires in the last several years. Living in the mountains means you will need to work year-round on fire mitigation efforts to protect your home and property. This includes creating a clear perimeter around the buildings and landscaping with fire resistant vegetation.

For information about finding the right property to buy, check out “Colorado Home Buyers Guide” by Vicki S. Porter.