Repeat Violation of Colorado Lease Agreement

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Eviction, 3 day notice, notice to quit, notice to cure, court forms Not Again!

Yep, they did it again. The rule is no dogs allowed on the property, which is clearly stated in the lease agreement. You were being “Mr. Nice Guy” by verbally warning them a couple times, and then you posted a three Day Demand for Compliance or Possession. You thought you got through to your tenants [...]

Colorado’s Child Support Guidelines

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Child support calculator, child support payments The Basics

Colorado’s child support guidelines follow a model used by about half the states in the country. It is based on the notion that the children should receive the same proportion of parental income they would have received had the two-parent household not dissolved. This model goes by the name “income shares” because of the “shares” [...]

Filing an Action in Colorado Small Claims Court

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How to file small claims, Small claims procedure, Small claims forms Where to Sue – Venue

Excerpt from Winning Big in Colorado Small Claims Court, by Charles Brackney

If you’ve determined that you’re ready to proceed to Small Claims Court, your next step is to file the court papers. However, before you file, you need to make sure you sue the other party in the correct Colorado County. Your case cannot go forward if it is not filed in the right court in [...]

How to Apply for Social Security Survivor Benefits

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Apply for social security, social security rules, Whena spouse dies, social security benefits

If your loved one has passed away and you’re eligible, you should promptly apply for Social Security survivors benefits. Some programs start payment from the date of application rather than the date of death. You can apply by telephone (800-772-1213 from 7 am to 7 pm. Monday through Friday) or at any Social Security office. [...]

Colorado Employment Law: Corporate Equality Index

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Employment Law, Civil Rights

By Kimberlie Ryan

Hewlett-Packard has been recognized as “one of the best places to work” based on sexual orientation non-discrimination policies, same-sex partner benefits, and other measures of corporate inclusion for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) employees. HP received a 100% ranking on the “2013 Corporate Equality Index” released by the Human Rights Campaign. The Index is [...]

New Colorado Employment Law Blog by Kimberlie Ryan

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Employment Law, Civil Rights

We’re excited to introduce a new Bradford blog category, Colorado Employment Law, provided by experienced attorney Kimberlie Ryan. Kim is a Bradford book author and the founder of Ryan Law Firm, LLC in Denver.  Kim is an experienced trial lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, negotiator, prolific writer and the author of Employment Law Guidebook: For Colorado Business [...]

Buying a Colorado Mountain Home

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Home Buying Tips, Buying First Home, Buying a New Home

There are some great communities in the mountains but if you are dreaming of buying a mountain retreat, you will want to consider the possible inconveniences and added expenses. Below are some important factors to think about before you buy. •    Water and Sewer In many mountain areas in Colorado there is no public water [...]

Colorado Title Talk

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Quitclaim Deeds, Warranty Deeds, Quitclaim deed form Is Your Property Free and Clear?

The biggest issue when a piece of property is bought or sold is whether the title of the property is clear and marketable. Clear title means that the title has no claims or defects on it that would cause problems with the ownership or use of the property. A title search is normally done to [...]

How Colorado Mechanics’ Liens are Avoided or Prevented

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Construction Lien, What is a mechanics lien, What is a lien waiver

The mechanics’ lien statutes in Colorado give those who work on construction projects an effective mechanism for collecting unpaid past due amounts. The Colorado statutes contain broad remedies and can help resolve many collection problems faced by general contractors, subcontractors, materialmen, and even manual laborers. If you are an owner of the property or the [...]

Colorado Eviction: Self-Help

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Eviction process, eviction prodecures, evicted Don’t Turn a Bad Situation into a Worse Situation

Excerpt from Landlord & Tenant Guide to Colorado Evictions

One sure way for a landlord to turn the bad situation of a defaulting tenant into a worse situation is to undertake a self-help remedy without carefully and thoroughly considering the lease, the law, and the facts involved in the particular case. In landlord/tenant disputes self-help is the practice of “taking the law into your [...]