Evaluating Your Estate

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writing a will, will forms, plan that will, making a will Property Ownership

If you’re in the process of evaluating your estate it is important to know the ways you can own property. When you are creating your asset list, it will be very helpful to your family to state how the property is owned and save them the leg work. There are two types of property: real [...]

Filing a Small Claims Case in Colorado

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How to file small claims, file a small claims suit, small claims forms What to file—Form Guidance

If you have determined your case is suitable for small claims court and you’re within the statute of limitations, it’s time to do the necessary paperwork. The form to be filled out and filed is called “Notice Claim and Summons to Appear for Trial, also known as the “complaint.” (Form # JDF250) This is a 4 [...]

5 Ways “Business Contracts—A Guide for Lawyers and Business Owners” Can Help You

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Contract template, Sample contract, How to write a contract

“Business Contracts—A Guide for Lawyers and Business Owners” is an important resource for business owners and attorneys navigating today’s increasingly complex business environment. The new edition has been revised and is up-to-date with the latest business law legislation. This book covers a wide range of business topics  and provides tools needed to prepare documents used in the formation and [...]

What is Medicare? What is Medicaid?

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Medicare Eligibility, Medicaid Eligibility

People are often confused by the similarity of the names of these two government programs.  Both Medicare and Medicaid are Government programs that pay hospital, doctor and other provider costs on behalf of qualified individuals.  Beyond that general similarity, however, they are fundamentally different. Medicare is a federal program that provides medical and hospital insurance [...]

Colorado Divorce: IRS Maintenance Rules

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Alimony, Tax Rules, Divorce Forms

If you are doing your own divorce or legal separation agreement and you are planning for maintenance payments to one spouse, make sure that your agreement meets IRS requirements so that the payments will be deductible by the payor. The rules about what is, and what is not permanent maintenance (alimony in IRS language) have [...]

Bradford Publishing Launches Colorado-Only Attorney Directory

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We’re excited to announce our new Colorado Attorney Directory! On November 1st we launched an online directory to link Colorado consumers with Colorado attorneys. Bradford has offered information, products and services for Colorado attorneys, businesses and consumers for more than 100 years.  With changing technology, most of our products and services have moved online to [...]

Buying Foreclosure Properties in Colorado

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Foreclosure listings, Foreclosure Homes, Foreclosure Process

A borrower signs a deed of trust when a loan is made to buy a house, and the deed of trust gives the lender a security interest in the property being purchased with the loan funds. If the borrower fails to make payments or otherwise fails to perform the obligations under the promissory note, the [...]

Repeat Violation of Colorado Lease Agreement

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Eviction, 3 day notice, notice to quit, notice to cure, court forms Not Again!

Yep, they did it again. The rule is no dogs allowed on the property, which is clearly stated in the lease agreement. You were being “Mr. Nice Guy” by verbally warning them a couple times, and then you posted a three Day Demand for Compliance or Possession. You thought you got through to your tenants [...]

Colorado’s Child Support Guidelines

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Child support calculator, child support payments The Basics

Colorado’s child support guidelines follow a model used by about half the states in the country. It is based on the notion that the children should receive the same proportion of parental income they would have received had the two-parent household not dissolved. This model goes by the name “income shares” because of the “shares” [...]

Filing an Action in Colorado Small Claims Court

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How to file small claims, Small claims procedure, Small claims forms Where to Sue – Venue

Excerpt from Winning Big in Colorado Small Claims Court, by Charles Brackney

If you’ve determined that you’re ready to proceed to Small Claims Court, your next step is to file the court papers. However, before you file, you need to make sure you sue the other party in the correct Colorado County. Your case cannot go forward if it is not filed in the right court in [...]