It’s Official

Filed Under (Medical Marijuana) on 12-11-2012

pot laws, legalize pot, marijuana at work, medical pot Marijuana is Legal in Colorado

By Candace Boyle

Colorado is now officially the second state to legalize marijuana use by anyone over 21. On Monday, December 10th, Governor Hickenlooper signed a proclamation making the use and possession of marijuana by adults 21 and older legal.

Now what?

•    Possession may now be legal, but sales licenses for marijuana distribution won’t be available until late in 2013.
•    Amendment 64 does not permit public use of marijuana.
•    A 24-member task force has been appointed to work on the issues of implementation
•    Colorado cities, counties and towns will be able to ban the use of marijuana.
•    Marijuana use is still illegal under federal law.
•    Workplace issues around marijuana use are still evolving.

In short, there may be rejoicing in the pro-marijuana community, but it may be a while before everyone understands and is comfortable with how the new laws will take effect and what the long term impact is likely to be.

Also on Monday, John Ingold at the Denver Post reported that the Department of Medical Marijuana Enforcement will issue a draft of their rewritten medical marijuana rules by December 28th. According to the article, the medical marijuana rule is “receiving extra scrutiny now that Colorado voters have passed Amendment 64” legalizing marijuana.