Colorado Landlords: Protect Your Investment! Colorado Tenants: Know Your Rights!

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Landlord and Tenant Law, Eviction Process, Lease Forms

Is your tenant late on the rent? Has your landlord fixed that broken window yet? All your landlord and tenant questions are answered in the just-released fifth edition of the  “Landlord Tenant Guide to Colorado Leases and Evictions.” This popular book contains all the information you need to understand residential leasing and eviction procedures in Colorado.

 Landlords will learn:

•    How to fill out standard lease forms

•    Steps to take to protect themselves and their property

•    Colorado’s Warranty of Habitability Act

•    How to navigate the eviction process

Tenants will learn:

•    All about security deposits

•    Colorado’s Warranty of Habitability Act

•    Defenses to an eviction

•    How to file an Answer or Counterclaim

This new edition also contains a section on leases, including new provisions in the lease forms that discuss Pest Control and Mold, Smoke Free Premises, and Medical and Recreational Marijuana use, plus instructions for completing a lease.

Both landlords and tenants can avoid costly mistakes and reduce legal fees by reading the “Landlord and Tenant Guide to Colorado Leases and Evictions” by Victor M. Grimm, Esq. and Denise E. Boehler.