5 Ways “Business Contracts—A Guide for Lawyers and Business Owners” Can Help You

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“Business Contracts—A Guide for Lawyers and Business Owners” is an important resource for business owners and attorneys navigating today’s increasingly complex business environment. The new edition has been revised and is up-to-date with the latest business law legislation. This book covers a wide range of business topics  and provides tools needed to prepare documents used in the formation and operation of your company.

This book will help you:

•    Decide which entity best suits you or your clients needs and why;

•    Comply with federal and state securities laws;

•    Expertly draft opinion letters that contain the proper elements;

•    Understand personnel policies and wage and record-keeping requirements;

•    Draft organizational documents for different kinds of entities; and

•    Skillfully prepare asset purchase agreements and other M & A documents.

Drawing from over 25 years’ experience as a business lawyer, Mr. White has set out a practical discussion of areas of law relevant to conducting business, an outline of the latest legal trends, useful drafting tips, and more than 65 forms for the many types of agreements needed to conduct business.  The book includes a CD that contains the text of the book plus all the sample agreements and other forms in an easy to use format.

If you would like to find out more about this book, including the table of contents, check it out on the Bradford Publishing website. www.bradfordpublishing.com /Business-Contracts

Should I Hire an Attorney for My Legal Issue?

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The decision to hire an attorney depends upon assessing the situation — and then being honest with yourself about your ability to handle the matter on your own.

First, always consult an attorney for:

•    Criminal charges
•    If you are sued
•    Bankruptcy
•    Employment issues (whether you are a business or an employee)
•    Personal injuries
•    Entering a franchise agreement
•    Selling a business, or bringing new owners into a business.

Individuals may effectively handle family law matters, business transactions, estate planning, and tax issues. However, one has to consider the costs of time and expertise when deciding to act without an attorney.

Advantages of handling a legal issue yourself:
•    There are Court-approved forms and books to help you.
•    You can move quickly, not waiting for an attorney to get to your matter.
•    You save money by not hiring an attorney.

Disadvantages of handling a legal issue yourself: Continue reading “Should I Hire an Attorney for My Legal Issue?” »