Ten Questions to Ask a Limited Representation Lawyer

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unbundled legal services, limited representation, limited scope representation, simple divorce Before You Hire a Colorado Lawyer to Represent You on a Limited Basis, Ask These Questions

by Rachel Brand and Terri Harrington

Hiring a lawyer to represent you on alimited representationbasis (a.k.a. unbundled services, a la carte legal services) is different than hiring a full representation lawyer. Foremost, it’s less expensive. Also, the attorney’s courtroom skills might be less important than his or her advisory and writing skills. No matter what, make sure a lawyer is a good fit for you and has your best interests in mind.

If you’re considering limited representation, ask these questions to determine if a particular lawyer is right for you and your situation.

1) How long have you been a lawyer and how long have you been offering unbundled services?

2) What types of cases do you handle in an unbundled manner?

3) Have you found that limited representation works for other people or clients?

4) Do you have any reservations in offering unbundled services for my case or me?

5) What should I be thinking about when I consider contracting you on an unbundled or full-service basis?

6) If I hire you full time after we begin the case because I feel that I need more representation, will I have to pay a retainer?

7) What if I don’t use up the retainer? Will you refund it? If so, how often do you refund money?

8 ) Can I use your paralegal to cut costs? If so, in what ways?

9) Will you charge me an hourly rate or a per project rate?

10) How will we communicate on this project – do you prefer written communication, email or phone calls – and will you charge me for your time when we communicate?

One last note about choosing a lawyer: consider your connection. It’s always good to work with someone whose communication style works with yours. In other words, choose someone you like.

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