Keeping Up with the times!

Filed Under (Bradford Publishing News & Updates) on 11-10-2011

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By Candace Boyle

We’re excited to let you in on what we learned at the annual book publishing conference put on by our trade organization, PubWest!

This year’s conference featured a keynote address by none other than Len Riggio, the chairman of Barnes and Noble. He told us the story of B&N’s modest beginning and how he achieved his goal of having a store in every upscale neighborhood in America. At the same time he enthusiastically described the new color Nook, he reinforced his commitment to brick and mortar bookstores.  He struck me as someone who embraces the technological future but also wholeheartedly believes in the future of printed books. Many presentations showcased the potential of ebook technology.

We’re pleased to say Bradford is well positioned to compete with our peers in offering quality ebook access to our customers. In fact, we are just about to launch our ebook website, where we will offer some books as ebooks.

Many of us feel a particular devotion to books—especially the ones we can hold, or curl up with.  But just last week one of our attorney customers responded very positively to our development of ebooks. He couldn’t keep lugging his legal books between three offices and court. In fact, he is eager to access books in the “cloud.”

At the end of the conference, I was encouraged to conclude that Bradford is keeping up with publishing industry changes.  We understand and appreciate the needs of our authors and customers and will always try to be the best resource for both.

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