Friendly Divorce ?

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We are excited and proud to announce the publication of the ninth edition of Friendly Divorce Guidebook for Colorado, How to Plan, Negotiate and File Your Divorce. Author Arden Hauer takes a thoughtful and detailed look at the divorce process, providing a wealth of information as well as ideas and suggestions on how to reach […]

Developing Your Colorado Parenting Time Schedule

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Parental Responsibility, Joint Custody, Child Custody, Separation Agreement Where Should the Children Live?

Parenting time (where your children live and when they will live there) can feel like the most important part of your divorce agreement. If you find yourselves getting stuck and overwhelmed about this issue, remember that children change as they grow. The agreement you agonize over today may not work a year from now. Depending […]

Colorado Eviction: Employee Occupancy Law

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3 day notice, evictin forms, eviction notices

If you rent from your employer or work for your landlord, there are special eviction laws for you. It’s important to be aware of the “Employee Occupancy Law.” Popular situations in which this dual relationship might occur include ski area employees living on property owned by the ski area, maintenance professionals living on the premises, […]

The Final Touches to Your Colorado Will

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creating a will, will forms, write your will

You did it! You wrote your will. Now you just need to make sure you have a clean final copy. It’s important that your will has no errors or spelling mistakes because any corrections written on the will you sign could invalidate it completely, or require an expensive court hearing for a judge to determine […]

The Colorado Small Claims Court Dollar Amount Limit

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What is small claims court, Small claims forms, How to file small claims What “Small Claim?!”

Excerpt from “Winning Big in Colorado Small Claims Court: How to Sue and Collect” by Charles P. Brackney Esq.

Most cases brought to Small Claims Court involve suits to recover money. The law governing these courts sets out how much a “small claim” can be. Claims greater than this amount, by definition, are not “small claims” and must be heard in County Court or District Court. It is the state legislature’s task to decide […]

Put a Lien On It

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Lien Forms, Small Claims Court, Foreclosure, Security Agreement, Construction Lien Colorado Real Property Lien Options

At Bradford Publishing, customers often ask us for lien documents for a variety of reasons. There seems to be a common belief that if someone is owed money but is not being paid, that just putting a lien on the debtor’s property will solve the problem…..and it’s true…..but there is a process. Here are three […]

Who Can Sell a House After a Death in Colorado?

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Estate Planning Attorney, Family Advisor, Moye White

By Marilyn W. McWilliams

Sometimes a family wants or needs to sell a house after an owner passes away.  People are often confused about who has the legal right to do so, particularly if there is disagreement among the family members about whether or not the property should be sold and what will happen to the proceeds. The first […]

Colorado Divorce: Mutual-Decision Making for the Children

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Parenting plan, parenting, divorce and mediation

For most parents, the issue is not whether you should make mutual decisions about your children after your divorce; the issue is whether you can. What the court concerns itself with are the so-called major decisions affecting the children. The law simply refers to “each issue affecting the child”. You or the court may list […]

How to Pay for Your New Home in Colorado

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Steps to buying a home, home buying tips, real estate forms Choosing a Lender

Colorado Home Buyer’s Guide

The real estate market in Colorado is hot right now. Supply is low and houses are selling fast. If you’ve decided that this summer is the time for you to buy, then be armed with the proper knowledge and find a lender that’s right for you.  Here are four tips in choosing a good lender: […]

Custody and Parental Responsibility

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child custody, joint custody, parenting Colorado’s Switch to Parental Responsibility Law

Excerpt from the Friendly Divorce Guidebook: How to Do Your Own Divorce in Colorado

Colorado has a better way of talking about what used to be called “custody” of minor children. It was clear to a great many people for a long time that using the word custody to refer to children implied what lawyers call “possession and control” (as in, “You take custody of the airplane tickets, Dear, […]